estamos bailando The Spanish present progressive tense (el presente progresivo), also called the present continuous tense (el presente continuo), is used to talk about something … Look at the following table and try to infer the rules to form present participles in Spanish. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Spanish language has 16 verb tenses and the present progressive tense is not one of them. The answer key is included. Quiz. Present Progressive: Quiz #1 . Nosotros ___ construyendo una casa en el lago. (The present participle is merely the "-ing" form of a verb.) You are reading. What? Practice the present progressive in Spanish with thousands of sentences on Clozemaster! Ellos están mirando la televisión. This particular verb phrase is made up of the verb “estar” and a verb that ends in “ando” or “iendo”. Estoy escribiendo este artículo. whipplej_60721. (He is always doing silly things.). The good news is that this “verb phrase” works very … To turn an affirmative statement into a question, you simply need to change the tone of your voice. Los billetes de 500 euros están desapareciendo. Raise it a bit at the end of the statement. Roberto está bailando. Use the present progressive tense in Spanish to discuss a current activity that is ongoing and is happening as you're speaking. Rosemood Wedding Album, Labor Code 249, Best Naturally Flavored Coffee, Coffee Culture Meaning, Port Antonio Jamaica Great Huts, Ross Course Guide, Wright Brothers Movie Tom Hanks, Themes Of European Literature, Myrtle Beach Safari Owner, " />