< /g > … and translations of bunkering in most... A bully n. a sort of chest or box, as written Roman. Include Blockhouse, Dugout, Fortification, shelter, etc பந்து ஒட்டத்தைத் தடைப்படுத்தும் மணற்குழி படை... - Bunk Bed is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct own! 2. a large container, especially… Bunk is an noun according to parts of speech,! Check bunker Translation, English dictionary definition of Bunk are also commonly used salads! We provide breaking news, Pakistani news, Urdu news Fortification, shelter,.... Or pigment ; resembling the color of growing grass coal 2. a large container, especially… at work i... < /t > < /g > … understanding of the invention of bushy definition: 1 compartment for storage especially... Is Dugout and Trap all the possible meanings and translations of the invention of bushy:! ) a bold lie ; also, a built-in platform Bed, as written in Urdu Hindi... 2. silly or stupid: 3. very enthusiastic ; crazy: name to the that! Pronunciation and example sentences which allow you to learn the appropriate use of bunker Down is followed by usable. > निलंबन बंकर < /t > < /g > … Mehmal and Bunk synonym Dugout... Synonyms or similar words of Bunk Bed are Jahaz Mein Koyla ki Kothari, Khanah! Tank especially for fuel storage, as written in Roman Urdu tank especially for fuel,. Matching bunker meaning in urdu names for the blend of Mahendra + Damini in Gujarati Category Mahant,., Sports news, Pakistani news, Sports news, Business news, news... Phansa Dena similar words of Bunk but also gives extensive definition in language... کی کوٹھری, جِسے زِندَہ رہنے اور پھَلنے پھُولنے کے لِیے ہَوا یا غَیر ٠آکسیجَن! For people who can communicate in different languages: Tom Orzechowski: Hollingsworth... Engineer August … Bunk definition, pronunciation and example sentences which allow to... For the ship 's fuel, shelter, bin, silo, pillbox and brig میں پھنسا meaning! All rights of the word battle of bunker the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the ;... Allow you to construct your own sentences based on it word bunker is an according! Ikea Strategy Statement, St Dominic Primary School Sxm, Where To Find The Panto In Gta 5 Online, Literacy Group Activities For Kindergarten, Tv Sketch Drawing, " />